I watch a lot of TV.

The Diamond Dan fanfiction basically writes itself, right?

Stills from “Crimes & Misdemeanors & Ex-BFs” airing Tuesday, September 23rd on FOX

(Source: tmpgifs, via amindyproject)

I’ve been quietly lurking around the internet during the summer hiatus and mostly keeping up with Mindy Project news via Twitter and Instagram. But, with season 3 premiering in a week and one day (!!!!), I’m sure I’ll be back to the wonderful world of TV blogging soon. 

And if not, you can always find me on Twitter. 

The Mindy Project hiatus hellatus has turned me into the laziest fan ever. I’m still lurking in the background, favoriting your tweets, liking Mindy’s instagrams, and oohing and aahing over gifs of Danny Castellano, but I’m doing it mostly away from this blog. 

I’m sure once the show returns, I’ll be back to my usual fangirl self, but until then, be sure to keep up with me on instagram, twitter, and my other blog



"If I Die Tell Mindy Kaling I Love Her", regrammed by Mindy

I just ordered this shirt. Because, duh.